Presentations 2017

2017 Presentation

Doctrines That Divide – In the wake of the Lutheran Reformation other "protestant" groups emerged that also broke away from the Roman Catholic Church.  From the beginning they held to different doctrinal beliefs from the Lutherans.  500 years later these doctrines still divide Lutherans from other Christians churches.  In this presentation we will briefly examine some of controversies that exist within the broad spectrum of Christianity, presenting the historical background of the issues, the Biblical understanding of the doctrines and the importance of the doctrines to living our Christian faith.  Our discussion will include topics such as "Can a Believer Fall From Grace?" and "So Do We Have Free Will or Not?"

Rev. Michael J. Otterstatter
Martin Luther College
Vice-President For Mission Advancement

Foundations: Answering Life’s Most Important Questions - Who am I and why am I the way I am? Who is God and how can I know him? How can I be certain that he loves and accepts me? What is my purpose in life and how can I fulfill it? What can I expect when I die and how can I live with peace in the face of death? These are among life’s basic and most important questions. Each of us absolutely needs and inwardly yearns to know the answers, both for ourselves and to share. It was, in fact, a “life’s most important question” that sparked the Lutheran Reformation. “How can I be certain that I am right with God?” We will mine the Bible for the answer to these questions. In the process, we will build and deepen our foundation of the basics of the Bible and the Christian faith.

Rev. David Salinas
Sure Foundation Lutheran Church, New York, NY



Para mejor celebrar el 500 aniversario del inicio de la reforma protestante, vamos a tomar tiempo para estudiar la historia cristiana del tiempo después de Cristo hasta el siglo 16; ver una película y contestar unas preguntas; y platicar sobre lo nosotros hacemos hoy para continuar la reforma y ser fiel a las características declaradas por la reforma.  ¡Traigan sus preguntas! Les serán contestadas.

Rev. Tim Flunker
WELS Board for Home Missions

National Hispanic Consultant

The Retreat is a great opportunity for friends to spend time with each other in God’s Word. Be refreshed and revitalized in prayer, study Scripture and immerse yourself in healthy Christian discussion.

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2016 Presentation

Mark Zarling
Mark Zarling was born in West Bend, Wisconsin and grew up in Michigan. He has served as a parish pastor at St. Matthew’s Lutheran, Danube, Minnesota (four years) and at Bethany Lutheran, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin (12 years), and professor of Christian Education and Old Testament at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary for 11 years. In July of 2007 he moved his family to New Ulm to begin his service as the president of Martin Luther College. 

Mrs. Zarling (Colette) was born in South Dakota and grew up in different places in western United States. She is a licensed Lutheran grade school teacher with 12 years of urban teaching experience. She now serves at Prairie Lutheran School in Gibbon, Minnesota teaching grades 1 and 2.

Jesus has blessed the Zarling’s with an ever growing family. They have four adult children, three of whom are married and the fourth one to be married in October. The Zarlings have eight grandchildren, and note, "Now we more fully understand the psalmist’s prayer, May you live to see your children’s children." (Ps. 128:6)

"Pray for Zeal to Build God’s House"

Despite its brevity, the message of the prophet Haggai is surprisingly relevant for God’s people today. As we ponder his 28 inspired verses, we are reminded by a loving Savior God about priorities and purpose for our pilgrimage as individuals and as a group of believers. Have we lost focus? Have we lost zeal? The Spirit will use Haggai’s four short sermons to renew our hearts for the great commission work God has graciously entrusted to us.

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